Health care in the United States is complex. Any medical technology company looking for answers about how or whether a new technology or device will be reimbursed needs an expert in medical reimbursement strategies and payer relations. Achieving the right reimbursement strategy—one focused on proper coding, appropriate insurance coverage, and adequate payment—is critical for bringing a medical device to market successfully today.  

Reimbursement Strategies, LLC, offers a full spectrum of reimbursement strategy consulting services. Founder and President Edward Black brings a background in reimbursement expertise with some of the largest health and provider networks in the Upper Midwest, a long career working with hospitals and physicians, and solid knowledge of today’s medical device industry. We specialize in payer relations for new and existing medical technologies and focus on reimbursement strategy, reimbursement due diligence, clinical dossier development, and health economic analysis. Our experience spans several areas of health and technology including cardiac, pulmonary, vascular, orthopedics, wound care, bilogics and urology.

Based in the life sciences corridor of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Reimbursement Strategies helps small and large medical device companies monetize new products and services. Current and past clients include companies from all corners of the US as well as international medical technology companies from Norway, Austria, Japan and Canada—who need to understand the intricacies of U.S. healthcare reimbursement.

Want help navigating payer and provider perspectives in health economics? Contact us for knowledgeable medical reimbursement strategies integrated with business development and alliance management skills.




Reimbursement Strategies has developed a special competence in advising foreign medtech and biotech companies in how to do business in the US.  In June 2013, Edward Black lectured to industry clusters in Copenhagen, Denmark, Stockholm, Sweden, and Oslo, Norway.  The company retains clients in each of these countries, as well as Canada and Japan – where Edward also lectured in 2012.  In December, Edward and others will travel to Germany for special industry presentations in Rostock (Dec. 3), Tuttlingen (Dec. 4), and Dusseldorf (Dec . 5). See more.